Without you

2010-02-17 @ 22:54:41
im sorry for all the shit i put you through. i truly did love you and i still do, just not in the same way anymore. i wish you could believe me when i tell you that i'm sorry, that you deserve better, that im no good. all these fights with you are waste of time, i dont want to hurt you but i have to cause i want you to realize that you deserve better. i never planned any of it, it just happened and i wish you would accept it. but if you want me to get the fuck out of your life i will, because you will do much better off without me. im sorry for wasting your time, for being selfish and hurting you. i never meant to hurt you, i always believed in our words. every day i think about what im putting you through, all these lies and denies. i miss you all the time, and it hurts to know that ive hurt you. i wish i could tell you all of this and let you know the truth for once.

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